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Day 6 – on my way to Central Market

Finally.. the day is here. I am the food ninja tonight. People have advised me to go visit either Central Market or Whole Food to attack the food sample tables. So I have a question for you guys…

What is the best way to get the sample without looking too suspicious? Should I cruise around the market with a cart? How should I present myself in front of the table? Am I thinking too much? Would they kick me out if I try the sample more than once…?

Maybe the confidence is the key. That’s it. I am just going to turn down the free sampler offer couple times just to give myself some confidence. I should go now… it’s the dinner time and it will get pretty busy up there. The time is now…

Humm.. I’m getting little too serious about tonight’s events. Stay on my Twitter… I will upload using twitpics to broadcast my ghetto journey to Central Market.

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