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Day 7 – Looking Back Last Night

So …. The last night started like this…

Yay! Sampling Time.. so i thought

Yay! Sampling Time.. so i thought

I was expecting to eat some fancy appetiziers or even some red meat!

The first thing I saw…

Started with some vitamin..

Started with some vitamin..

Oh nice.. These pineapples were very good. I loved the fact that I got to eat something fresh! I thought myself “this is going to be a great night!”

Ummm~ Nice Coffee

Ummm~ Nice Coffee

Then I turned the corner and found this free coffee table. What a gourmet coffee.



I could not find a single sampling table in entire store….

I came back home hungry…. made once again.. some flour soup with anchovy (pictures coming later).

Called it a night.. cried in the corner… telling myself that everything is ok.

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  1. August 23, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    Well, I guess I hadn’t expected you to actually try to replace a meal with samples, just add to it, like an appetizer, or dessert.

    I also hadn’t thought that you would be going that late in the day. If I had realized that, I would have warned you that Town Talk closes at five or so on Saturday, and is only open til about six Monday thru Friday.

    I have always been to Central Market in the afternoon, usually near lunchtime. During the week there isn’t that much going on. A Saturday afternoon would usually go like this:

    Free samples of a few fruits in the produce section. And then, just as you are about to leave produce, there are samples of fresh juice, usually an odd combination like beet with pear, or carrot with pinapple. Next, you walk past some things like knives and egg timers towards the meat and seafood section. There are two cooking areas there, and I’ve always had some sample of something there, maybe meatballs or sausage or chicken. On a Saturday usually both cooking areas are busy and I get two different samples. Next to that is the seafood counter, which sometimes has a free shrimp or some kind of seafood salad sample, but usually not. But it doesn’t hurt to look. In the middle of the store, there might or might not be anything. I’ve seen people giving out wine samples, but I don’t drink. There might be samples of tortilla chips and salsa, or samples of tea or soda, once I tried some ice cream, and sometimes there are free cookies. But those kind of things are not always there. Next there are things is bins, and while you aren’t supposed to sample that on your own, an employee might get you a sample of candy or dried fruit if you asked for one. Once you get past that and the frozen food section, you are in the bakery area, where there is usually lots of bread samples. A bit past that is the cheese section, and there are usually a couple of cheese samples. Past that is the salad bar and the place that sells sauces and olives and such by the pound. And there are people selling side dishes and entrees by the pound, and while I usually don’t see free samples of that stuff out, you could probably ask for some. This is near the end of the store, and once there was free sushi there. And at the deli there is usually samples of pastrami or sausage or something.

    So I usually get a lot of samples when I go there (cause I usually go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon), but I’ve never actually gone there with the idea that I was going to eat so much free stuff that I could skip a meal. More like, if I eat enough samples I won’t be hungry for a while and won’t be in such a hurry to get to the restaurant, and if I’m not in a hurry I have time to stop at the bookstore first.

    Anyway, I was also thinking that you might need to buy something out of those bins. Like maybe a cup of sugar, or a serving of mung beans, or half a cup of popcorn, or a tablespoon of some spice that you can’t buy a whole jar of right now.

    So I’m sorry that the whole sample thing didn’t work out for you. Did you buy anything at Central Market (or anywhere else in town)? Or are you just totally having back luck with it?

  2. djteknokid
    August 23, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Please don’t feel bad as if my trip to Central Market was from your advice. Many people including you have told me to actually go for sampling at Central Market and Whole Foods. That was actually a part of my plan anyway.
    But guess what! I just came back from Kroger near SouthLake area and got myself the 78cents breads and $1.28 Peanut Butter as you had recommended. I will post a video about this later. Thanks!

  3. August 24, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    That market looks very nice. At this time, I don’t have access to anything like that.

  4. August 25, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    Well, it is too bad that you didn’t go shopping with us. Though there is no guaranty that you get a better deal on Saturday than Monday and Tuesday, but I would think that Saturday is usually the best day to go, but in the afternoon, or maybe even before lunch, but not late in the day.

    Today we went to Central Market, but unfortunately we went right after stuffing overselves with Mamma’s Pizza, so we probably didn’t appreciate it as much as you would have.

    This week is Hatch Chili Festival. Right in the door there were samples of hatch chili flavored torilla chips. Then there were tortilla chips to sample guacamole with. And then later there were tortilla chips to sample some hatch chile cheese dip. And then there was the juice station, which did not have samples of anything weird today, just stawberry lemonade. And then at the cooking station, they handed us a fork and a little plate with a sample of pork enchilada, smoked salmon, and some sort of salad with strawberries and pine nuts. Then there was another sample of tortilla chips with some other dip. Then there was the coffee samples, but I don’t drink coffee. Then in the bakery there were four bread samples of stuff with hatch chili peppers, fresh tortillas with hatch chili peppers, and a sample of chocolate cake. There was a sample of some kind of cheese with hatch chili peppers. And then the deli had samples of pimento cheese spread.

    Okay, I usually go to Central Market and look for dragon fruit, but today they wanted ten dollars for them. Not ten dollars a pound, but ten dollars for each fruit. So, they can keep it this time. I thought five dollars I paid last time I had some was too much. So we bought figs and a few other little things instead.

    And I told you you should have bought a few little things out of the bins. Like alfalfa seeds are eleven dollars a pound, but it isn’t like you really need a pound. I bought a little scoop full for 44 cents. About the same about of mung beans was six cents. You could have made bean sprouts for six cents.

    We also went to Town Talk on Monday. We bought some really great candy for 59 cents, but you can’t afford candy on the dollar a day thing, even really great candy for 59 cents.

    You might have wanted Organic Super Soy Crunch, which was also 59 cents. It was out of date, which I didn’t notice, but I don’t think it much matters. It just looks so much like peanut butter, and you can’t quite accept that it isn’t peanut butter, and it doesn’t quite taste like peanut butter. But I think that it is okay after you get used to it, and I’m probably going to cook with it and add lots of pepper sauce, so I probably won’t notice that it isn’t peanut butter.

    But the really best deal was the frozen ham. It was a month past the sell date, but since it was frozen, I didn’t really notice. It was 59 cents for two pounds, which is a really good deal, but I thought it was sandwich meat, so I only got the one package. After I got it home and had it thaw out, it turned out to be really good ham. Not like sandwich stuff at all, but like you would have for Christmas dinner. It was really great stuff. I wish I had bought like four or five or them.

    Okay, so that was what you probably missed out on for not doing your shopping in the afternoon.

    • djteknokid
      August 26, 2009 at 2:49 am

      Garr.. looks like i really missed out on the ham… but the chicken legs.. I am not going to miss!

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