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Day 12 – Thanks Everyone

The title of this entry make it sound like I’m quitting huh? NO WAY!

Why no picture of breakfast and lunch? Cause…… I’ve been eating nothing but.. humm Let me just Google the picture and post them for you. Here.
PB TimePB TimePB TimePB TimePB TimePB Time

No.. I don’t hate you peanut butter. I don’t even know where I would be without you…

Friday is here. I just want to take a time and give shout out to everyone who has been helping me with this campaign.
First shout out goes to, of course, the readers and the people who commented on this blog. All the tips and hints have helped a lot. Thank you thank you thank you.
Next, my friends who have been supporting me all the way on & off line. Whether you left a comment on Facebook or just simply retweeted on Twitter, it is giving me more energy than the PB sandwiches I’ve been eating.
Last but not least, my coworkers who are witnessing my pain and enjoying every minute of it. No seriously though, they are helping me quite a lot. Here is the kind of email and a message I get from them.
msg1 msg2
But.. I still got 8 more days to go. I could use all the help from everyone… please send me any free food coupons, or the information of the events with free food offers. I am now down to $5.15.. What should I eat for dinner tonight?

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