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After Math…

Long time no blog on here. I have been so busy with the college classes and the full time work. I feel like I have just abandoned this blog and the readers as soon as I was done with the project. Sorry about that.

Many have asked me how this challenge has changed my life, especially the eating habit. I have cut down my grocery budget significantly, almost half. I now take time to compare the price and collect coupons as well. I know, this should be something I have to do regardless, but I learned it the harder way. As much as I want to save money by preparing my lunches and dinners at home, the busy schedule does not allow me to spend too much time on cooking. I guess I spend too much time when it comes to cooking.

So what has changed since then?
1. Cut down on the grocery budget for more than half.
2. Collecting coupons
3. No more Starbucks
4. I also have learned to think couple more times before making a purchase, evenif it’s only a dollar or two.
5. I dont throw away left over food as much as I used to. I have learned to store them properly for the maximum freshness.

The biggest lesson so far though…

It is really hard to make people care.
Why would they anyway to begin with, right?

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